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I suffer from systemic lupus. I am 51 years old and I have not had menstruation for 3 months. The ultrasound indicates that I won't have it in the future. My gynaecologist recommended Feminal, but the rheumatologist has warned me not to use female hormones. Does this product contain female hormones? Can I take it or not? Greetings.
I had a vaginal infection and took Lactogyn capsules with antibiotics. After the treatment, I took Lactogyn again in order to help with the recovery and stabilisation. Should I also use vaginal capsules or should I continue with this treatment for a few weeks? Thank you and kind regards.
I am 33 years old and have severe PMS symptoms (sensitivity, crying spells, irritability, occasionally mild depression, general malaise, acne). Sometimes on the 1st day of my period I experience pain in the lower abdomen or back (however, this pain is not strong, so I am more concerned about the PMS). I will get my period two days prior to my wedding this fall. I have heard that menstruation can be postponed by using birth control pills. Do you recommend this and are there any adverse effects (on the body, complexion, etc.)? I suppose that this is not a solution for the treatment of my PMS problems (which is the goal of postponing my period)? Can I accelerate or postpone my period (perhaps even this summer), so that the PMS symptoms follow the new date of period? Also, do you have any recommendations for alleviating PMS (pills or natural solutions)? Any advice is welcome. Please respond as soon as possible. Thank you in advance and kind regards.
My son has Helicobacter pylori and excess stomach acid. What food and herbal teas would you recommend for the treatment of his condition and the reduction of symptoms? Kind regards.
Due to a clumpy discharge, tingling and itching I have contacted my gynaecologist, who has advised me to buy Canesten 3 combi and Lactogyn intimate hygiene soap - which I use regularly. However, I got my menstruation that evening, so I have not started the Canesten treatment. I also bought Lactogyn oral capsules, which I have been taking twice daily. My symptoms have diminished, so I'm not sure whether I should use Canesten after menstruation.
I have troubles with recurrent herpes. Currently I have three herpes sores on my upper lip. Last month I had a large herpes outbreak below the nose, which has left a scar. In December 2012 I performed blood tests, but they showed normal values and iron levels. During the winter I decided to take the vitamin B complex and I take C vitamins regardless of the cold and flu season. I have also taken Encian royal jelly ampoules, but using them for three months as recommended in the instructions is too expensive for me. Every day during the winter I drink a glass of water with squeezed lemon juice, as well as three glasses of green tea (for immunity), also with squeezed lemon juice, on an empty stomach. I try to use these natural products for the benefit of my body, as well as eat a lot of fruit (oranges, lemons, apples). We've even been eating home-grown spinach and nettle, however, I still experience lip herpes every month. I apologise for a lengthy description and ask for your advice on what I should do in order to improve my immunity and reduce facial herpes outbreaks. Thank you for your answer.
I was advised to contact you regarding an allergy problem. My husband has been having problems with spring allergies for 3 years. He wasn't tested, but it all began when he worked in a pine forest. I hope you have a solution that will at least ease his problems. He can't breathe, his nose is congested, his eyes itch, he sneezes a lot, and sometimes he even experiences dizziness.
Do you have any free probiotic samples? Currently I am using Lactogyn, but I would like to try other probiotics, so I would be grateful if you had any samples.
For the past 5 years I have taken Euthyrox for hypothyroidism. Prior to treatment I had a miscarriage. Two years later I went through a normal pregnancy and delivery, after which I had curettage and another miscarriage. I have been trying to conceive unsuccessfully for a year. What is the extent of thyroid impact on my condition and is there any help?
I need advice regarding the use of vitamin E concentrate. Can it be used to treat a C-section scar (I gave birth over a year ago, but the scar has remained red)? Will it help strengthen the skin of my stomach and breasts or do you recommend another product?
I have two questions - can I use Lactogyn vaginal tablets without taking oral capsules for less serious gynaecological problems (increased secretion), and can I use Lactogyn capsules and vaginal tablets at the same time as analgesics, vitamins and other dietary supplements?
Where can I purchase your toothache drops?
After a flu I got pneumonia so I took antibiotics and Normia probiotic bags for 14 days. My doctor says I should keep taking them for another 2 weeks. Can I switch to capsules because they are more practical?
At the pharmacy where I bought my Vizol S drops, I was informed that they are suitable for people who wear contact lenses. Later I read on the packaging that removal of the lenses 15 minutes prior to application is recommended, which is not easy to accomplish during the day. You should have emphasized this fact better or at least informed your employees about the difference between removing the contact lenses prior to application (in which case I would have never bought your drops) or simply applying the drops with the lenses in place. To conclude, my wish to buy a local product only left me disappointed and I have wasted 60 kuna!
Are Aqua Maris drops or spray suitable for a child of 15 months? Which ones do you recommend?
My mother has been taking the drug Disopyramide for a few years, but it is no longer available for sale. I hear that it is no longer produced. Is there a substitute for this drug and what is it called? Thanks
I am 35 years old. I weigh around 120 kg and have high blood pressure, 105/160. Lab tests have shown that I have a bacterial bladder infection. I was given a medication which I now take. Did this infection cause the elevated blood pressure or is something else to blame? Which tests should I have done?
Can children use the nasal irrigation system and how old should they be? My grandson is 10 years old and has had problems with the nasal mucosa for years. He has no allergies.
I need some information about Latanox eye drops that have been prescribed to me. It says they should be kept in a refrigerator before opening. What I would like to know is whether their composition will change if they are kept at room temperature for a few hours. Are they stored at a low temperature during their distribution to pharmacies?
I am a teenage girl who has her period every two weeks. Is that normal? Could this be due to my weight; I am 170 cm high and I weigh only 45 kg.
I have frequent bladder infections. Due to antibiotic therapies, I have been experiencing vaginal discomfort, which is why I started taking a probiotic, acidofilus. Can I also use the Lactogyn capsules? What would you recommend for genital tingling inside and outside the vagina? The pharmacist gave me Lactogyn gel, but the instructions say it is a moisturizing gel.
Following antibiotic treatment (she has a throat infection), my 13-year old daughter is having a white discharge. She is experiencing tingling and itching. A year ago she had her first period. She refuses to go to the gynaecologists. How can I help her?
Can pregnant women use Aqua Maris? An ear, nose and throat specialist recommended the product. He told me to take it separately for the throat and the nose. The pharmacist offered a single product and said it was used for both the throat and the nose (it comes in a slightly bigger bottle). Is that correct?
I was wondering whether a positive effect of red wine (in small quantities) on the cardiovascular system has been scientifically proven. When taking my medication for high blood pressure and heart, can I drink 1 dcl of red wine after lunch? I haven't tasted alcohol for the last 5 years, since I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and accelerated heart rate. My friends keep telling me I'm exaggerating. Thank you!
My blood pressure increased during pregnancy. I kept taking medication after I gave birth. I wonder if pregnancy was the 'trigger' for the occurrence of high blood pressure (some members of my family also have high blood pressure) or whether it is a result of my obesity (I gained 25 kg). I am so afraid I cannot even think about pregnancy again. Thank you in advance.
I am 70 years old. For the last 20 years I have been taking medication for high blood pressure and heart issues. When I was younger I also drank excessively. My cardiologist told me I was suffering from chronic cardiomyopathy. Can you explain what this means?
My two-year old son has atopic dermatitis. He regularly sees a dermatologist who is not very articulate. He didn't explain anything, he just keeps changing prescriptions for creams and ointments. I eliminated milk and eggs and all allergenic food from our diet on my own, urged by a relative who had similar problems with her child. She also gave her child probiotics. Could you please tell me which probiotic we can use, in what dose and for how long? Will this condition affect my son forever? The diet change had a positive effect on my son's condition.
I have very cracked heels and dry elbows. I tried various ointments and creams because I have had this problem for years. Recently I applied JGL children ointment on my heels and elbows completely by chance, because I didn't have anything else at hand and I was surprised by its effect. My heels stopped itching and burning, and my elbows became softer. This was a pleasant surprise because I didn't expect my granddaughter's tooshie ointment would help. I hope I can keep using it, because I suppose children's oitment doesn't contain any harmful chemicals.
I have fair complexion and fair hair. From May to September I use sun screen for my face and body. When I am on the coast, my skin gets very dry. I tried to nourish and moisturise it using various lotions and creams, but mostly without success. Several days ago the pharmacist suggested Pentexol lotion. Its application is very practical. I wonder if its composition is suitable for dry and irritated skin? Should I use any supplement? My family forces me to eat fish because it contains omega-3, but I cannot eat it more than once a week. Would it be good to take omega-3? On your website I noticed you offered MegaOmega3. Is it appropriate in my case?
I use a computer at work non-stop. I noticed my eyes were dry, so I started using artificial tears. If the irritation does not calm, I also use Vizol drops. I was wondering if this is OK? I don't have time to visit an ophthalmologist.
I am 76 years old. My ophthalmologist advised me to take lutein in addition to my treatment for glaucoma because a cataract has begun to develop. The pharmacist gave me Oculoplus capsules. How long should I take them? Can I take them with my medication for high blood pressure and fat?
I underwent laser dioptre correction 5 years ago. In the meantime I gave birth twice. My nearsightedness returned, and is now -5 in both eyes. I had surgery at a private clinic, but was offered no information, in addition to their poor customer service. Could you please tell me what is the reason for vision deterioration? I am afraid to undergo surgery once again. Can I use lenses again?
I am 27 years old. For the last couple of years I have experienced migraines during my menstruation, which exhausts me completely. Could you recommend a dietary supplement that would reduce the severity of my headaches? I would like to get pregnant so I am avoiding medication. I avoid chocolate, coffee, cheese, processed meat, alcohol, and I do not smoke. I have heard that magnesium, omega-3 and B vitamin can help. What do you recommend?
I am 55 years old. For the last couple of years I have been suffering from vaginal dryness, which causes frequent inflammations (according to my gynaecologist). An additional problem is that vaginal tablets cannot dissolve in my vagina, and I feel this is why my infections cannot be cured. I wonder if Lactogyn vaginal capsules could help me? Do they dissolve more easily?
My husband and I are in our late thirties. We have been married for two years, we do not use any contraception, but I cannot get pregnant. We underwent diagnostic testing, the spermiogram is regular, as well as my results. My husband quit smoking, stopped drinking alcohol and I am thinking how to 'improve' my reproductive system. Could you recommend anything in addition to a healthy diet and moderate physical activity? I have read about omega-3 as a high-quality supplement for many conditions, about probiotics.. But I am not sure exactly what can help us.
I am 63. I had breast cancer surgery 10 years ago. I underwent chemotherapy and radiation. I have regular follow-up exams and for now everything is fine. Since my surgery I haven't consumed milk, only fresh cow-milk cheese and occasionally yoghurt. Recently I have had a craving for milk, but when I drink it I experience strong intestinal pain, bloating and gases. I didn't have such problems 10 and more years ago. I haven't changed anything in my diet. Could probiotics help me?
I am 55 years old. I don't smoke. I have rarely consumed alcohol. Two weeks ago I visited my family doctor because of heartburn and abdominal pain. I was directed to take laboratory tests, upper abdominal ultrasound, stool test for blood and examination with a gastroenterologist. Since I have to wait for my examination with the specialist for almost 2 months, my doctor suggested I do stool analysis for Helicobacter pylori at a private laboratory. The test result was positive, so she prescribed 2 antibiotics (Amoxiciklin and Mikacin) for 7 days and 40 mg Nexium for a month. After only 2 weeks, I'm already feeling better. However, I'm afraid I might have infected my wife, even though she is not experiencing any problems. If I have infected her, can I get reinfected by her? Can a person be immune to these bacteria? While I was taking antibiotics and for a week after treatment, upon recommendation from a pharmacist I started taking Normia capsules, so this time I handled the antibiotics more easily, without intestinal problems (pain, diarrhoea).
I am 60 years old. I have a typical body build. I do not smoke, and I occasionally consume a small amount of wine (1dcl). I have a sweet tooth. I had gastric problems 25 years ago as a result of Andol treatment. Since then I have paid attention to my diet, which is diverse and mostly Mediterranean. However, a month ago I was away on a trip, and for 5 days I was eating heavy food, grilled, fried and greasy. I experienced heartburn and heaviness in the abdomen. The ailments subsided until Easter, when I consumed heavy food again. Since then I have experienced a light burning sensation in the abdomen towards the oesophagus, and frequent belching. I feel as if an air bubble comes out of my stomach. It has no odour. When I have a stronger burning sensation, I eat toast, and it goes away. Now I pay a lot of attention to my diet; small meals, cooked, well-chewed... Sometimes I cannot sleep well due to the discomfort in my stomach. I'm afraid to take medication for reducing stomach acid because I have osteopenia, and this medicine 'draws' calcium out of the bones. If my doctor sends me for gastroscopy I will have to wait for several months. What should I do in the meantime? Should I do a stool analysis for Helicobacter pylori? This test is more affordable than the breath test. If the test is positive, could my doctor prescribe me a treatment? I am very concerned.
I am a 42-year-old professional driver. On longer journeys I sometimes feel a burning sensation and discomfort in the eyes. My eyesight is good and I have regular check-ups. I sometimes use artificial tears, and if the redness does not go away, I take Vizol drops. I am usually unable to contact my ophthalmologist immediately, and always two bottles with me. What do you advise?
I have been taking Timalen drops for treating glaucoma for several years. I am 70 years old. I have regular check-ups. My ophthalmologist says everything is in order. I have recently read an article on lutein and its protective effect on the eyes. Would your Oculo plus help prevent complications of elevated intraocular pressure?
I am 61 years old. I work at the computer for more than 6 hours a day. I have light eyes. I wear glasses for far-sightedness. During a regular check-up my ophthalmologist discovered that my eyesight had deteriorated in one year. He recommended Vitalia oculoplus capsules. I take one a day. Should I take them constantly to prevent cataracts?
I came across MegaOmega 3 on your website, a preparation which has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system. My mother (65) takes it for 3 months, takes a 3-month break and then takes it again for months. I do not know whether this amount of omega 3 is enough for prevention because she does not eat any fish. What can you recommend as a natural remedy?
I am 62 years old. I am 170 cm tall and weigh 66 kg; my waist circumference is 86 cm. Apart from mild rheumatic complaints I am in good health. I have noticed that my blood pressure has become slightly elevated during the last two years. I previously had low blood pressure, and now it is over 130/90. However, in extremely stressful situations it can go up to 140/100. I feeling pressure in my ears and warmth in my cheeks. With breathing exercises and sometimes Valeral drops I calm down and the pressure drops to 130/90. I exercise every day (muscles strengthening and stretching), race walk and try to eat healthy. I wonder if I'm at risk of heart disease?
I am 70 years old. I have been taking Pigrel tablets for three years, ever since I almost suffered a heart attack. In the meantime I lost weight, changed my diet, became physically active and started taking medication to stabilize my blood pressure. Do I have to take the anticoagulant for the rest of my life? I tolerate it well. As a part of a preventive examination aimed at early discovery of bowel cancer, I have to do a stool test to see if there is any bleeding. I mustn't take my medication for 3 days; will that harm me?
I am 50 years old. Ever since I was young I have had very dry skin on my hands, elbows and heels. My heels are chapped and there are longitudinal cracks. My dermatologist always gave me cortisone ointments which would heal the cracks, but they would reoccur every time I stopped applying the ointment. The pharmacist recommended your calendula balm. Can I use it daily and for a long time or should I make breaks?
A week ago I underwent an electrocoagulation treatment and had about 10 fibroma removed from my face and neck. Now there are scabs. Will I have scars? How does fibroma occur? Can I sunbathe?
My 16-month-old daughter still wears diapers. When changing her I always administer JGL's children's ointment. Sometimes she has slight redness, a rash that goes away after a couple of days. When this happens I change her more often and apply a thicker layer of the ointment. I noticed at the pharmacy that you also make a children's paste. Is that also intended for multiple daily usage?
I am about to take a long trip to India with my wife. I would like to pack some probiotics, but I do not know which ones. The pharmacists suggested Prolife capsules to my wife and Normia capsules to me. What is the difference? Which one is more effective for diarrhoea during travel?
I recently went skiing and I got diarrhoea, so instead of enjoying the winter wonderland I starved and spent three days eating nothing but toast, crackers, and tea. A friend offered the Normia probiotic capsules. I took them for 3 days (he only had 6 capsules). Digestive disturbances stopped. I wonder if I should still do some tests. Would it be advisable to do a course of Normia capsules for a longer time?
I am 45 years old. Three years ago I underwent surgery for perforated stomach ulcer and bleeding. On this occasion the doctors removed two thirds of my stomach. Since then, I have been eating smaller meals several times a day and haven't had any stomach problems. However, after lunch I feel tired, sleepy and have to sleep for an hour. I can afford that because I have a private company; after the nap I can continue to work until the evening. The other day I mentioned this to my doctor who told me that after eating I should not 'be horizontal' because it could extend the hiatal opening. I was really scared, because GERD is a serious condition. What is your advice?
I recently took antibiotics for a sinus infection. The doctor also recommended a probiotic, Normia capsules. I tolerated the antibiotics with probiotics well (I always used to have mushy stool or diarrhoea by the end of the treatment). I am writing because of my 12-year-old son who very often has purulent angina and takes antibiotics. Should I give him Normia? How many times a day and for how many days? I noticed several forms in the instructions. Which one is best suited for a 12-year-old?
My four-year-old daughter often has bouts of intestinal infections. She has been going to kindergarten since infancy. I suppose that's where she contracts diarrhoea. I noticed Prolife products (capsules, liquid, pastilles) on your website. Our paediatrician always recommends a diet and a probiotic, but never specifies which one, so I buy them according to the recommendation of my pharmacist. I would like to know which one you would recommend and why. Which dosage should she take and for how long?
I am 60 years old. My mucosa and skin are dry. For intimate hygiene I use Lactogyn gel, but only around the anus, because I am worried that it might further dry out the vagina. I think that most bacteria come from the colon, so if I wash the area after a bowel movement with Lactogyn and take a shower with hot water, I hope I have cleaned my intimate parts properly. Or, am I wrong?
A year ago I was diagnosed with CIN1. Since then I have had several Pap tests. A year ago my vaginal smears were positive for low risk HPV. I recently had a colposcopy. The doctor told me there was no need for a biopsy, but he did recommend crio therapy. Could you explain what this means? I have been in a serious relationship for six months. We use a condom. How long do you think we should use it?
My sister is 30 years old and has a cyst on her pituitary. A year and a half ago she gave birth to her son. My sister had to express milk for six months because the baby would not nurse. She then started feeding him with formula. She soon noticed that the child was developing slower than other babies his age. He is still not walking. He sits on his own and registers object and persons. Could my sister's pituitary condition have caused the child's slow growth and development? She regularly takes him to the paediatrician for check-ups, they ran some additional tests, but no one has explained the child's condition or given a prognosis to my sister.
I would like to ask you for advice. I am 28 years old. I have regular gynaecological examinations and I have never had any problems. However, some six months ago I started noticing an increased yellowish-white thick discharge with a slight odour, but not accompanied by any itching. The last time I went to see my gynaecologist, which was 4 months ago, I mentioned this to her; she told me there was no inflammation, but that I may use Lactogyn for 2 months to regulate vaginal flora. I would like to know if a regular examination always shows whether there is a fungus and whether this is tested with a Pap smear. I do not know whether I should use Lactogyn since I take yoghurt and kefir daily in large quantities (minimum 0.5 L). Also, I thought I might do a course of Canesten, but I do not know if that is advisable since it has not been determined that I have a fungus. Thank you in advance.
I am 50 years old. For over 5 years I have had continuous problems with condylomas, despite treatment (podophyllin, electrocauterization). I have not been in any relationships during all this time, as I am afraid I would pass it on to my partner, who would pass it back to me, circulating the infection back and forth. That led me into a state of apathy. This is my latest attempt to try to solve this problem.
My 2-year-old son still wears diapers. He has diaper rash more and more frequently, although I regularly administer your Baby ointment. Should I apply Pantexol ointment or cream on his behind?
I have been suffering form psoriasis since childhood. I am taking cortisone ointments since they are the only thing that helps me. I am thinking about pregnancy, because I am already 30 years old, but I am afraid. Can this local therapy harm the developing foetus? What is the probability that the child would suffer from psoriasis too? In my family I am the only one with psoriasis. When it flares up, it virtually covers my entire body. I live on the coast, I sunbathe and feel fine during the summer.
I have been taking Timalen glaucoma eye drops for 5 years. I have regular check-ups with an ophthalmologist, but since the doctor is not talkative, I do not dare ask about an over-the-counter preparation which might help me, instead of a prescription drug. I am wondering about Oculoplus capsules, which my husband is using as recommended by a doctor, since he has macular degeneration. Would that work for me since I am 78 years old?
I am 63 years old. For the last several years I have occasionally had a sensation of dry eye. I still work with on a computer. Should I take artificial tears daily, or as needed when I feel this dryness? I occasionally use Vizol drops. I recently visited an ophthalmologist. He prescribed new lenses for my glasses, but paid no attention to eye dryness.
A gastroenterologist advised me to take a breath test after gastroscopy and a threefold treatment of Helicobacter pylori. I still take Normia capsules (it was recommended that I take them for 6 weeks). I wonder if this test should be done after treatment with probiotics, or whether I can do it right away? I feel fine otherwise.
I am 25 years old. I am healthy, I do not smoke, and I eat a healthy diet. I engage in recreational sports. I have had an unpleasant breath for several years. I avoid people at work and elsewhere. If this continues I will become a lone wolf, because I do not know how to help myself. What do you recommend?
I am 55 years old. My last physical suggested that I have a "fatty liver". I had no severe illnesses, and I rarely took any medications. My test results are regular. I do not have any digestive problems. I consume a healthy diet, I eat regular meals, and enjoy Mediterranean cuisine. In regards to alcohol I consume only wine on occasion (at a family celebration), but not more than 1 dcl. I found that the fatty liver is a condition often associated with chronic alcoholics. Can you explain what this means? Do I need to get additional tests done?
After hip surgery, I was diagnosed with thrombosis of the left thigh. I have been taking Pigrel pills for a year. I have regular follow-up exams with a phlebotomist. I no longer feel pain, just a tightening sensation in the leg. Will I eventually be able to stop taking Pigrel? Is there a natural way to boost circulation?
My mother suffered from angina pectoris. Several years after her diagnosis she suffered a myocardial infarction after which she recovered. She died from a brain haemorrhage two years later. I am 62 years old. I have been on treatment for high blood pressure for the last five years, which has mostly remained within normal limits. However, I am worried about the genetics and whether I am prone to a heart attack or a brain stroke, which my the mother had. Is this fear rational, or I am only panicking?
I am 45 years old. Six months ago I was prescribed Atenolol tablets to slow down my heart rate. The heart rate has stabilized. My blood pressure is slightly lower than before the therapy. Can that be the reason why I feel so tired and sleepy? Do I have to take it forever?
I am three months pregnant. I became pregnant with CIN with 1. Would it help to take Lactogyn oral and vaginal capsules? Is HPV infection dangerous for a child? Can a child be infected during vaginal delivery? Is C-section advised in this case?
I am prone to vaginal candidiasis. As instructed by my gynaecologists I am on therapy supplemented with Lactogyn capsules, but inflammations persist despite that. So, less than 2 months since my last inflammation, I am again experiencing discomfort, burning sensations and mild itching. I took Lactogyn vaginal and oral capsules on my own, because I have to wait for three weeks to be examined by my doctor. I am debating an anti-candida diet. What do you recommend?
I am 30 years old. Two years ago I was diagnosed with an enlarged pituitary gland. Tumour was eliminated as a cause. My menstrual cycles are regular but I cannot get pregnant. I have been married for more than 3 years. Can you tell me whether the pituitary gland is causing my infertility?
My three-year-old daughter often has a stuffy nose, with a profuse flow of mucus. It is usually not accompanied by fever, which is around 37°C. This lasts about a week. I rinse her nose with a saline solution before bedtime and apply the Aqua Maris nasal spray 3 times a day. During this period she usually eats poorly, so I worry that her immunity will be impaired. How can I help her?
We have two boys, 4 and 6 years old. They often catch colds, they have a runny nose, sore throat, and occasionally earache. They had strep throat on several occasions. Usually they both get sick. They have a good appetite, and their development is normal. I have a feeling that infection spreads in kindergarten, but I cannot exclude the grandparents as possible sources of infection. My parents take care of the kids a lot. I noticed that they are frequently sick and I am worried we may have a "bug" circulating among members of our household. Would it help if they had throat and nasal swabs? My husband and I have done this, and the results are OK.
A few months ago I donated a kidney to my 12-year son. The surgery went well, and so did postoperative recovery. He had kidney problems since the birth. He emotional development is good, he is an excellent student, but his growth is slow, his height now corresponds to 6-year-old boys. He has not been on dialysis. Laboratory tests of blood, urine, creatinine, SE have improved immediately after surgery. I wonder whether he will grow.
My six-year-old son sometimes has diarrhoea during respiratory tract infections. In addition to a specific diet he also took Prolife suspension, which had a beneficial effect. Now I see that you have a new probiotic - Normia powder. Is it better? Is it recommended for acute diarrhoea? Or are those probiotics only good for protecting intestinal flora during an antibiotic treatment?
My five-year old daughter is prone to airways infections. I think it has something to do with kindergarten. A sore throat and/or runny nose are often accompanied with diarrhoea. Is there a virus that simultaneously attacks the digestive system as well? Would it be good to give her probiotics when the cold starts to prevent diarrhoea?
I have a 10 month-old son whom I breastfeed twice a day. He always nurses so quickly that milk sometimes flows through his nose. He is later bothered by pieces of sour milk stuck in his nose. Can I apply Aqua Maris baby drops to moisten his nose before the cleaning? Otherwise he cannot breathe or sleep.
I am breastfeeding my 6-month old daughter. I had a sinus infection and was prescribed the antibiotic Amoxil. The doctor advised me to take the Normia probiotic. Will this treatment affect the child?
My 12-year-old son lately complains of pain in his knees. He says that they are not connected with strain (school exercise). His knees are not swollen. We have older family members suffering from rheumatic diseases, so I was instantly worried about him developing the same problem. On the other hand, I heard that children can feel pain in the legs as their grow. What should I do?
My husband who is 40, spends more than 10 hours a day in front of the computer. At home, his leisure time consists of watching TV, which, I believe, puts additional strain on the eyes. For now, he has no problem with sight, he does not wear glasses, but I think he should protect his eyes. What is the best thing to use, vitamins, artificial tears...? What is your opinion?
I take medication for glaucoma. A cataract has begun to develop in my right eye. I am 62. Which dietary supplements can I take to prevent complications of glaucoma and to slow down the development of cataracts?
I am 30 and 6 months pregnant. Everything is fine for now. However, my close friend, who gave birth several years ago said that due to straining during childbirth her eyesight got worse. We are both short-sighted, but my case is a little worse - I have -5 in one eye, and -6 in the other. Can I avoid a deterioration of my eyesight?
I am 60 years old. I have been farsighted for 10 years. At first, I used glasses for reading (my arms were "too short"). Now I have three pairs. I use one pair for reading, another for working on a computer, and the third pair for watching TV. I do not wear glasses only when I am outside, or for simple household tasks. I wear them all day, I take one pair off, then I try to find the other pair and so on, which is why I would like to simplify my life. I was wondering if 'combined glasses', with 3-dioptre lenses can solve my problem, whether soft lenses are a better solution or if the dioptre removal operation would be the best option. Please explain what would work best for me.
Upon advice of an ophthalmologist and due to my advanced age, I take lutein for preventive purposes. Can I stop taking lutein during the winter as there is no UV radiation, which adversely affects the eyes?
My older sister (70 years old) has been suffering from macular degeneration. Unlike me, she has never paid attention to her diet, furthermore, she smoked all of her life. Despite the problem she persists in her habits. I am very concerned about her condition. My diet is based on Mediterranean food, I take Omega 3 and lutein. I regularly attend medical gymnastics. My eyesight is good for the time being, I wear glasses for farsightedness. What is your opinion about the impact of omega-3 and lutein on eye health?
After a couple of years of ineffective treatment of high risk HPV, I had cervix conization performed a couple of months ago. I am 30 years old. I would like to know whether I now have better chances for pregnancy, as it had not been possible earlier because of the inflammation. Or are my chances smaller because of the operation?
I am 66 years old. I have a 'lowered' bladder. The urine often escapes. I frequently feel a tingling sensation in the genital region and thus often use creams (Canesten, Plimycol). Would Lactogyn help me? I was proposed an operation, however, I have not decided yet. My relative solved the problem with exercise. Could you describe in more detail how they are performed? How long is it necessary to exercise to notice an improvement?
I am 45 years old. My menstrual cycle is regular. I do not have any health problems, but I suffer from dryness of the vagina. The problem is so strong that I avoid sexual intercourse, which has disturbed my marital relationships. What is your advice?
Four months ago, I gave birth by C-section. A very strong dryness of my vagina occurred since the birth, which significantly affects the quality of sexual intercourse. My gynaecological findings are regular. Sexual intercourse has become very painful and unpleasant, and the burning and irritation sensation lasts for long after the intercourse. I am currently breastfeeding. I would like to hear your advice about what to do, because the condition does not improve as time passes.
I am 70 years old. I have had a sensitive stomach my whole life. Whenever I become upset or sad, my stomach begins to hurt, which then perseveres for a while. This also happened a month ago, when I had a major family problem. My doctor prescribed to me Controloc tablets which I take regularly, but I do not feel any improvement. For this reason, I was directed to see a gastroenterologist and be subjected to gastroscopy, because my doctor has suspicions for the Helicobacter bacteria. Some acquaintances of mine took a blood analysis or a breath test, when there were suspicions for this bacteria. If I am prescribed antibiotic therapy, would it be good if I took probiotics? Which would you advise? How are they taken and for how long?
I am 32 years old. During the last ten years I have felt all my problems, but also pleasant surprises 'going through' my heart. If I am upset, scared, made happy or sad, my heart always starts beating. My pulse is usually somewhat more rapid, about 85/min. I performed ECG several times, which was within normal limits, as were the other laboratory findings. I think it would be stupid to take tranquilizer pills in order to calm my heart. Is there a natural way? As of recently, when I feel that my pulse has accelerated, I perform a short breathing exercise (slow, deep breathing) and it helps. I arrived at this spontaneously, no one advised me to do it, and so I would like to know whether what I am doing is correct?
I am 55 years old. Ten years ago, I was diagnosed Heberden's arthrosis. The joints on my fingers are thickened and sometimes painful. I have been noticing changes on my fingernails for a while already. Their surface is not smooth, but longitudinally grooved. Is this part of the arthrosis or a separate disease?
I am 45 years old. I am 190 m tall and weigh 120 kg, a smoker. I consulted my doctor because of strong heartburn which does not decrease. He has suspicions of GERD. He did not explain to me what that meant. He wants me to perform a gastroscopy. I am afraid of this examination. Can the cause of heartburn be established by a more simple examination?
I had surgery two years ago for Crohn's disease, when it was also diagnosed. I will soon be 35. I am undernourished. I have a feeling that I am intolerant to all foodstuffs. Would it be good if I took the food intolerance test?
I am preparing to take a longer trip to Africa, which means that I am also thinking about a 'pocket' pharmacy. Regardless of the fact that I will perform all of the prescribed vaccinations, I think that I should take something with me to alleviate a possible intestinal infection/s. I read about probiotics, activated carbon... What do you advise?
My husband had to go to a surgery because of colon carcinoma. He had unregulated defecation. He alternately had diarrhoea and constipation, regardless of his diet. I have been cooking to him according to the recommendation he obtained at the hospital. His pharmacist advised him to take Normia capsules for the recovery of intestinal flora. His stool stabilized after only a week. He has been taking the capsules for three weeks now. I would like to know for how long he can take them and in which dosage? He is afraid to stop taking them, lest the diarrhoea would return.
My brother is 45 years old. He underwent laboratory tests due to irregular heartbeat. He was told that he suffered from the WPW syndrome. Can you explain to me what this is? My brother has understood that it is a very grave diagnosis. He is terrified.
I have recently retired, I am 65 years old. Since then, my problems with high blood pressure have begun. It seems that my heart starts beating as soon as I come to the infirmary, and my blood pressure soars. I tried to explain to my doctor how I felt, however she insists that I take medications even before the processing. Can blood pressure grow for fear of the examination?
I am 28 years old. During a physical examination, I was diagnosed with rapid pulse, 100 per minute. The blood pressure is regular (except that it is lower in the morning, immediately after waking up, the thyroid gland hormones are within normal limits, while the ECG finding is regular, as well as Holter. I do not drink any more black coffee or cola beverages. As I feel good now, should I take medication for pulse regulation at all?
I am 60 years old. I have had high blood pressure for 15 years, for which reason I have been taking antihypertensives. I was recently discovered a tumor of the adrenal gland. I am awaiting surgery. I would like to know whether the removal of my adrenal gland will permanently regulate my blood pressure, or will I continue to take antihypertensives? My doctor said that the surgery can be classical or endoscopic. What is your opinion? Which are the advantages and disadvantages of these methods?
I am 63 years old. A year ago, a keratosis was surgically removed from the ridge of my nose. After the surgery, the skin on my nose was red, sensitive and prone to cracking for a long time. It has now calmed down, however, I am worried by the warning of my dermatologist that it may return. I use sun screen with SPF +50 and I do not expose myself to the sun when the UV radiation is high. A couple of years ago, my friend had keratosis removed from her cheek with ice. She is well for now. I am afraid of a new operation. I kindly ask for your opinion.
I have had an acne problem for years, which, apart from my face, also appeared on my back. I performed a complete laboratory processing (allergological testing and hormonal status). All findings are within normal limits. I regularly visit the dermatologist and the beautician. On my own initiative, I excluded milk and milk products from my diet. After two weeks, I noticed an improvement, while now, after two months, my complexion has never been better. It is obvious that I am lactose intolerant, but I do not understand how it could not be seen from the allergological test. It is not difficult for me to give up milk and milk products permanently, even though those were my favourite foodstuffs; however, I am thinking about calcium. I am 35 years old. How can it be substituted? With pills? Or other foodstuffs? I am honestly afraid of trying milk, in order to avoid a new eruption of acne. I also took antibiotics a couple of times in order to calm the inflammation.
Three months ago, my forearms were scalded by hot water. I was treated at the burns department. I was advised to apply anti-scar cream which I ordered from Germany. It is expensive, so I must give it up. In the pharmacy, they offered me the Combusten cream which contains olive oil. Its price is acceptable to me. Will its application reduce my scars? How is it applied?
After depilation, the skin on my lower and upper legs is irritated. I used various lotions and creams, however, they had no lasting effect. Should I try Pantexol? Which do you advise, the cream or the lotion?
I know that sunglasses are useful and even a fashionable, but I somehow can not acquire the habit of wearing them. I am 20 years old. I spend the whole summer at the seaside. Do UV rays really permanently damage the eye? I must admit that I feel as if my eyes were dry. I do not know whether that is a consequence of my summer sin, or do I spend too much time in front of the computer?
My mother suffered from yellow spot degeneration. I am 62 years old. I use glasses for reading and watching TV and I do not have any other problems. I would like to know whether it would be useful for me to preventively take the Oculoplus preparation. A friend told me that her ophthalmologist advised her about it because lutein had a favourable impact on the eye. Can you tell me whether it slows down the loss of eyesight? I am very worried about my late mother's eye problems and the possible hereditary susceptibility.
I am 27 years old. I wear glasses for near-sightedness (-1.0 dioptre) and I work in front of a computer for more than eight hours. I have a feeling that my eyes are dry and very tired. What should I do? I saw the Vizol eyedrops on your website, or should I search for artificial tears? What is your advice?
I did not breast-feed my child because of sepsis after childbirth. My girl is a year and a half old. She is very sensitive and frequently has colds. Additionally, a red rash appears on her face. The pediatrician says that her immune system is weak. How can it be improved? She does not like to eat and refuses new foodstuffs. In my childhood, my parents administered fish oil to me, I remember the awful taste. They say that it helped, that I gained appetite. Is there a preparation which might help my little daughter? I did not breast-feed my child because of sepsis after childbirth. My girl is a year and a half old. She is very sensitive and frequently has colds. Additionally, a red rash appears on her face. The pediatrician says that her immune system is weak. How can it be improved? She does not like to eat and refuses new foodstuffs. In my childhood, my parents administered fish oil to me, I remember the awful taste. They say that it helped, that I gained appetite. Is there a preparation which might help my little daughter?
My three-year-old daughter often has colds. Upon recommendation of a specialist, she will have surgery of the 3rd tonsil. We are waiting for a period of stability, without increased temperature. Meanwhile can she use Aqua Maris nasal drops? Operil was limited to five days, after which I do not know what to do. For a while, I instilled saline, however it does not seem to help any more.
My one-year-old son is showing symptoms of constipation. He eats a diverse diet, i breastfeed him at night, he is developing well, however, for the last couple of months, he has been crying during the emptying of his bowels, and I notice that he hides in a corner, prances on his toes, crosses his legs and stands that way. I try my best to make him occupied in order to squat, because I believe it would help him. He wears a diaper, and we do not insist on a potty. I am sometimes forced to place a suppository in his anus, which is followed by defecation, but the stool is in balls, without any traces of blood. However, I am afraid that his bowels might slow down. How often can I repeat this in a week?
I have been having discussions with my daughter (20 y. old) for a while, because she wants to have her -4 dioptre corrected by laser. I do not consider it a harmless surgery and I do not think anyone mentions the complications. For this reason, young people decide to take this surgery so light-headedly. I do not know how to talk her out of it. Do you have any suggestions? I would also like to ask you whether lutein as a prevention of diseases of the elderly is taken during the whole year or in therapies. My father is 78 years old and takes it occasionally. When speaking of laser dioptre correction, it must be emphasized that it is an elective surgery, ie. a surgery chosen and desired by the patient.
My mother is 75 years old and takes glaucoma medication. She frequently undergoes medical control. Her doctor told her that one of lenses was slightly cloudy. Is this the beginning of cataract? Can it be slowed down by lutein or omega-3?
I am 36 weeks pregnant. For the previous month, I have had problems with candida. Apart from the therapy prescribed by my gynaecologist (Plymicol), I also try to have a positive influence on the treatment with my diet. Without any success, however. My blood sugar is normal. I gained 8 kg during pregnancy. The baby is developing well. As the term for giving birth draws near, I am beginning to panic what will happen if I do not get rid of the inflammation. A couple of days ago, I was recommended Lactogyn capsules. I saw information on the internet that they can also be taken by pregnant women. Is there any chance that they help me in getting rid of candida?
I am 55 years old and I do not have a partner, but I am susceptible to vaginal infections. In the last two years, they have been occurring very frequently (enterococcus, escherichia, streptococcus). As I have used suppositories and vaginal creams too often, I feel dryness and a burning sensation in my vagina. My doctor advised me to use Lactogyn vaginal and oral capsules. I took only the oral capsules, because I am already afraid to put anything else in my vagina. I felt improvement after only a week. I have been taking them for two weeks, how long does the therapy last? I am afraid to stop taking them lest my problems would reappear.
About a month ago, I visited the gynaecologist for the annual Pap test (I am 60 years old). Upon taking the smear, the doctor also performed an ultrasound examination, which was very painful. I felt a pain in the lower part of my abdomen for days. For the first couple of days, I also felt a fever, not accompanied by increased temperature. After a week, a profuse yellow discharge with an unpleasant smell appeared, accompanied by a burning sensation. As I am not sexually active, I link these problems entirely to the examination. I did not have any problems with urination. I reported to the doctor, who viewed the smear through the microscope, but could not find any inflammation agents. Why did she prescribe an antibiotic vaginal cream to me, if there are no bacteria in the mucus? Is it possible that I have picked up an infection on the gynaecological table, or might the gel used in the ultrasound examination have irritated me? I began taking Lactogyn capsules on my own and took 2x1 for a week, while I am now taking 1x1. I feel better now. How long should I use them?
I am 35 years old. Because of repeated short-term loss of consciousness and low blood pressure, I was recommended a tilt-up test. Can you explain to me what kind of test this is?
I am 67 years old. Apart from rheumatic problems, I am in good health. I recently read an article in which experts claim that all elderly persons should be prescribed medication for the reduction of blood pressure, regardless of whether their blood pressure is high or not. That confused me, as all medications have side effects. What is your opinion on that?
At a physical examination, my husband was diagnosed with high blood pressure. He is also has about extra ten kilograms. His other findings were regular. His doctor prescribed him medications for treatment of high blood pressure. However, in the leaflet of one medication, my husband saw that impotence was indicated as a possible side effect. There is no way that I can talk him into taking the medication. Is there a natural way? I have read that omega-3 and ginkgo have favourable effects on the heart and reduce blood pressure. What is your advice?
I am 40. My father was this age when he died of a heart attack. Unlike him I do not smoke and I maintain the ideal body weight by walking almost every day. However, I have a stressful job. I cannot change that. My annual check-up came back normal. Should I be worried? Would you recommend that I take a dietary supplement for my heart for preventive purposes?
I am 62 years old. As recommended by my cardiologist, I have been taking Andol and drugs for lowering blood pressure for preventive purposes since the age of 50. As a result, my blood pressure is within a normal range. Can I also use MegaOmega 3 as a dietary supplement? I read that it protects the heart and blood vessels. I do not like fish, so Omega 3 is not in my diet.
A few years ago my mother had colon cancer surgery. She had an anus praeter. She has regular check-ups, and her tests are within normal limits. However, she has problems with bowel movements. She is attentive to her diet and eats mostly cooked foods. Her stools are not formed, but are rather mushy and watery. I have read that probiotics can help regulate bowel movements not only during constipation, but also during irregular bowel movements. I would try a probiotic, but I cannot give it to my mother without an expert opinion.
I have been travelling over the course of last year for work. My meals are irregular. I often eat in restaurants. I try to eat fruit regularly. I have digestive disorders and suffer from constipation. I recently took antibiotics for inflammation of the sinuses and the Normia probiotic because the doctor said it would improve my intestinal flora. At the time I had regular (daily) bowel movements. After a week, everything returned back to normal. I did not take laxatives because I am worried that I could get the lazy bowel syndrome. Should I continue taking the probiotic, it that what I may be lacking?
I am 36 years old. I have been treated for Heliobacter pylori a few times. I was given a strong antibiotic every time. After treatment I always had problems with candida. I have a feeling that I am in a vicious circle. Whenever I get rid of candida, the symptoms related to Heliobacter p. return. (nausea, flatulence, heartburn, epigastrium and stomach pain). While I was taking the last course of antibiotics, I also took Normia for two weeks. Should I have taken the probiotic longer? Can I overdose on a probiotic? Where does Heliobacter come from? Can I get infected through my partner or can I pass it on to him?
I have a twin brother; we are approaching 40. My brother has had psoriasis since our childhood. We both have two children each. This spring my younger son (8 years old) had a case of strong dandruff, which looked like cradle cap. It was also very itchy. He spent the entire summer at the seaside and the dandruff went away. A few days ago I noticed that he scratches his head and that the dandruff is back. I am scared to even think abut the possibility of my child having psoriasis. My brother's children are healthy. I know you will advise me to see a dermatologist, and we will do that. I would like to know if there is a natural way of treating this problem, such as a dietary solution or herbal preparation recommended in such a case.
Last summer I fell asleep in the sun. When I came home I realized that my back was burned. I had Jecol ointment at home (for milder burns), so I applied it to the affected area on my back, from neck to waist. Since it was a weekend and I could not visit my family doctor, so I continued to use Jecol. Seeing that the burns withdrew, I did not even go to the doctor's office. I have recently read an article on UV radiation and skin cancer, which alarmed me because it seems that the damage occurring after prolonged exposure to the sun is irreparable. Is the situation really so bleak?
For over ten years I have suffered from eczema on the chin which is very visible after shaving. As a result, I do not shave regularly. I have used a variety of corticosteroid creams, as recommended by the doctor. In the beginning they helped, but soon not only did they stop working, but my condition deteriorated. Two years ago a friend of mine recommended your Pantexol cream. Sadly, after this relatively long period its effect has weakened. I saw on the Internet that you also had Pantexol plus cream. Should I try it? What is the difference? Does it contain corticosteroids?
My girlfriend has HPV (detected by Pap test, CIN 3), so I probably have it too. She took a regular Pap test, although she had experienced no problems. She was given a treatment, and I was not. The gynaecologist did not provide any instructions regarding sexual relations, but instructions on the vaginal suppositories say that sex is not recommended during treatment. I have no problems. How long should we abstain? I have read somewhere that treatment could last for several years. Should we use a condom or not? Before she was diagnosed, we had been intimate without a condom. We are in a serious relationship and it is important to me that my girlfriend is cured because we are planning a family. Would vitamins, probiotics or anything else which would avoid surgery help her (the doctor told her that surgery was an option as well)? She quit smoking.
I am 27 years old. This spring I was diagnosed with CIN 1 following a Pap test, and a cervical smear revealed high-risk HPV. My gynaecologist prescribed vaginal suppositories, after which I took Lactogyn capsules 1x1 for a month without having consulted the doctor. The follow-up Pap test showed the same result: CIN 1. I was given Betadine vaginal suppositories, followed by Albothyl ovules. I would like to know whether it would be a good idea to continue taking Lactogyn capsules, and after treatment with ovules to do a course with Lactogyn vaginal capsules? The doctor told me that the first vaginal suppositories have an anti-inflammatory effect, while the others contribute to the peeling of the surface of cervix. I have come to the conclusion that the treatment will damage the lining of the mucosa and the vaginal flora. This is why I am interested in the use of Lactogyn capsules. Naturally, I would like to know if it would heal my HPV infection as well.
My husband often has eczema on his chin. He recently took two Normia capsules a day for a week because of diarrhoea. After a long time, the eczema was gone. He read on the Internet that probiotics help with skin diseases. Do they have direct effect on the skin or rather stimulate a process which affects the skin? If they work directly on the skin, could you tell me if there is a probiotic preparation that can be applied to the skin?
I have been in the menopause for five years. Since that time my skin and mucosa have been very dry. I started taking more fluids, I eat enough fruits and vegetables, use oily creams and moisturisers and occasionally artificial tears. However, the problem persists. Is there a dietary supplement you would recommend? I regularly have check-ups and everything seems to be fine. My gynaecologist has recommended that I occasionally take Lactogyn capsules, which turned out to be beneficiary.
My mother was diagnosed with colon cancer at the age of 65. She lived to be 86 with anus praeter (she died of cerebral haemorrhage). I am approaching the age of 60, and I have never had a colonoscopy. I am scared. Everyone who has had the examination complained of pain. Can it be done under anaesthesia? Where in Zagreb can I undergo this examination? I have no problems with digestion. I feel healthy.
I am 55 years old. I have been treated for Helicobacter pylori twice with three different antibiotics. I did not do well on them. For months I suffered from heartburn and occasional diarrhoea. My general practitioner established that the antibiotics had destroyed my intestinal flora. She advised me to start taking a probiotic. The pharmacist gave me Normia capsules. I took them 2x1 for a week, and then 1x1 for two weeks. I feel much better now. My stool is back to normal, and I have less problems with heartburn (when I eat heavy foods). Should I have taken the probiotic for a longer time? Can I repeat the course?
Our son is five. He often suffers from ear infections and is frequently prescribed antibiotics. We have noticed that after every course of antibiotics he has diarrhoea, which exhausts him even more. Is there any way to avoid this? The doctor did not advise a probiotic as a means of preventing diarrhoea. Can I give him a probiotic on my own? I have read that it contains useful bacteria living in the intestines. I have read about Normia on you website. He is to young to take capsules, but he might take the powder.
My two year old daughter often has colds. Her paediatrician has recommended cleansing her nose with saline solution. I came across a flier about the Aqua Maris Baby drops and spray in a pharmacy. Given that they contain sea water, would these products be more effective in cleansing the nose and contribute to its recovery?
Dear Sir or Madam, I am 65 years old now. Two years ago I had elevated blood pressure caused by stress. I took a herbal tranquilizer, I walked every day for about an hour, reduced salt intake, quit smoking, I do not drink alcohol, I lost weight and my blood pressure had normalised. I occasionally check it and it does not exceed 140/90. I feel well. Have I resolved my blood pressure problem?
Dear Madam, I am a mother of a four-year-old boy who has had neurodermatitis since he was born. He was treated with corticosteroid ointments. The situation gets worse every time his immunity is low. Would it be useful to give him a course of probiotics? What are your experiences with Normia? How is it taken and for how long?
Hello, I am worried about my ten-year-old son. He became very restless, can not concentrate and forgets things. He is doing increasingly worse in school. I consulted the school psychologist, who told me that this is all within normal limits. I learned that Omega 3 has a beneficial effect on the mental state, that it improves memory, and relax. Unfortunately, we consume fish only once a week, which is why I am sure that we do not get enough Omega 3. I will try to introduce linseed as bread spread. Would you advise to take Omega 3 as a dietary supplement?
Dear Sir or Madam, I am 35 years old. I am taking triple antibiotic therapy for stomach ulcers with Helicobacter pylori. I feel better, but my stool is a problem. I have more frequent bowel movements which bothers me at work. Could probiotics help me? Which ones? How should I take them? A friend tells me that it is too late to start with probiotics, that I should have taken them at the time when I was on antibiotics.
Dear Sir or Madam, my five-year-old daughter in kindergarten is prone to respiratory infections. She is commonly prescribed antibiotics and Operil nose drops. Her appetite is good, and her weight is normal. Is there a natural way to help my child? I read about probiotics which boost immunity, propolis, seawater which cleanses and alleviates inflammation of the nose and throat, but I do not dare to give this to my own child. I was embarrassed to ask our paediatrician.
Hello, I am 62 years old. Occasionally I feel discomfort, dryness and a burning sensation around the genitals. I was taking hormonal vaginal tablets for some time, but due to the side effect of significant discharge and inflammation I stopped taking the pills. How can I alleviate this discomfort?
Dear Madam, is it better to use Lactogyn vaginal pills or to just take probiotics? How should I take probiotics - in the morning or evening, how often and should I take them with meals, before or after eating ? Thank you and best regards.
Dear Madam, after the age of 50 I noticed that my eyes were "dry" with a "burning" sensation. I wear glasses for farsightedness. Occasionally, I use artificial tears. What do you recommend?
I am 25 years old and am suffering from psoriasis. During the summer my condition improved because I spent almost a month on the seaside. I've heard from people who were treated for psoriasis and other chronic skin diseases that they had a good experience with Omega 3 treatment. If it helps, for how long should it be taken and in which dose? I am currently not taking any medications. Thank you.
Dear Sir or Madam, I have a question - I am 21 years old, occasionally I have a vaginal discharge which has an odour and is at times accompanied with a burning sensation. I wanted to ask how and for how long I should take your product Lactogyn? And can it be taken without consultation with my gynaecologist? In addition to these oral probiotics, should I perhaps use Lactogyn gel for intimate care, since I now use a Nivea product? My gynaecologist frequently prescribed Daktanol vaginal tablets, which made the problem only slightly better. My gynaecologist always says that my immune system is weak, but that does not solve the problem. By the way, I am also a student, and I've been quite tense over the last three months because of exams. Could stress be causing my yeast infection? I have also lost a lot of weight. Thank you in advance and best regards.
Hello, for years, I have been struggling with constipation. I reached the age of 42. I sit at work, and have a long commute to work. I also do not engage enough in athletic activities. As for diet, I think I am consuming everything that is recommended (liquids, fruits, vegetables). My colleague told me that she solved the problem with probiotics. There is so many of them, I cannot decide. I read an article about Normia. Does it help with constipation?
I am 80 years old. I am taking pills for elevated blood sugar. I'm also on a diet due to gout. I have cataracts in both eyes. Could Oculo plus capsules help me? How are they taken?
Can Lactogyn vaginal capsule be used during menstruation?
Dear Sir/Madam, I have repeatedly taken Lactogyn pills and I'm really pleased with them. Now I see that there are vaginal capsules, so I wonder what is the difference between them.
Dear Sir/Madam, I have a problem. I'm 26 years old and I've been fighting with one problem for 8 years that neither of my doctors can explain. In the middle of menstruation period I have the discharge similar to the menstruation but it lasts usually about 3-4 days, and sometimes even until the next period so I wonder if Lactogyn would help? Thank you in advance.
Hello! I have a problem with unpleasant smells and secretion for months. I have done a pap smear and the results are OK, there is no bacteria or infection, but the unpleasant smells appear after the intercourse with my partner. I have used vaginal tablets acidosalus and the doctor recommended to use lacotgyl and vaginal tablets acidosalus. I am asking this to figure out if I have a huge problem, or if a massive infection occurred because of the intercourse, and what can I do to prevent it? How long should I take Lactogyl and should it be used by my partner for the treatment too? Is it normal for this unpleasant smell to appear? Thanks and regards
Dear Sir/Madam, I am 39 years old, 165 cm tall, and i weight 69 kg, I have a chronic diseases - chronic pericardium, problems with the veins on the right leg (visible and with the swelling), I got my first periods at the age of 12. I am interested whether I can use the Lactogyn concomitantly with the drug Cyclo Progynova which consists of norgestrel-0, 5mg, and 2mg of estradiol? Thanks and best regards, Lidija.
Dear Sir/Madam, I heard that your cream Adrience Oligosource is excellent, and I really wanted to try it and use it, but unfortunately I can not get your testers. Do you perhaps send testers to home address?
I would like to ask you to for a brief advice about Prolife capsules. Specifically, I plan to give them to my 1.5 years old child since he is currently taking antibiotics, in order to "recover" the digestive system. Since I do not know what kind of flavour does Prolife in a bottle have and whether he would want to drink it, I was thinking to buy capsules and dissolve them in a tea or juice. Does this reduce the effectiveness of the product? How long Prolife products can be used, or is it better to administer treatment over a certain time period, or taken as needed?
Hello, my daughter (22 months) was diagnosed with atopic dermatitis 2 weeks ago, it is not itchy, and in my estimation it is not very pronounced. As recommended by a dermatologists we rubbed elocoom 40% cream in cream base for 7 days and we have still been giving her 3x7 drops of Fenistil. A few days ago I started giving her Normia powder so I wonder how long is recommended to take it in this case?
Dear Sir/Madam, I use a drug Contral which relieves my allergy to dust mites. If I take the medicine every day, my symptoms are decreased, so I wonder if I can use the drug constantly, and I would like to note that I took Contral on my own initiative, because the other drugs I used did not help. Otherwise, I constantly sneeze and have a runny nose and watery eyes, and only Contral can alleviate these symptoms. Best regards, Enes Đono
Is Aqua Maris safe for use for a congested nose if a person is pregnant?
Dear Sir/Madam, I would like to ask you for an information / explanation regarding your product AntiOx. It is mentioned that AntiOx contains Tocopherzyl acetate. I found the following information in an article on the website There is another "catch" with vitamin E, i.e. "tocopherol" or "tocopheryl" form. Many people find it confusing and it should be explained. Which wording will be used depends on how the vitamin E is chemically connected (acetate, succinate). There is no big difference among them, except that the absorption of the "tocopherol" form is somewhat better, but the "tocopheryl" form has a somewhat better sustainability. Both forms are active when taken orally, but "tocopheryl" form cannot be absorbed by the skin. So if you then hold the cream with tocopheryl acetate, zou should know it will do nothing." I would be verz interested to hear your opinion / explanation. Crljen
Can Lactogyn capsules be used during menstruation?
Dear Sir/Madam, due to a painful inflammation of the bladder I occasionally take Cefixim antibiotic. One of these side effects is vaginal itching, which occurred in my case as well. I'm interested if it is appropriate to consume antibiotics and probiotics in the same period, since I have heard that antibiotics cancel the effect of probiotics, so is it better to wait for the completion of antibiotic therapy. Thank you for your response!
I have a question concerning the use of Lactogyn tablets. Is it a sufficient to take one dose, i.e. one package, to solve the problems which i think the Lactogyn will help me? Please send me answer to e-mail. Thank you in advance

Hello, I have 28 years and I gave birth 3 years ago. It happens to me that after having sex with my husband, I feel abdominal pains sometimes accompanied by a white discharge. What should I do? Thanks in advance
Hello! I sometimes have problems with candida, and constantly used Canestea or something like that, but I never tried to treat it with a probiotic. Please, could you tell me how would they help my problem if I start the treatment - and for how long they should be taken? Also I would like to know if with this treatment can increase weight? Thank you very much
Due to past experiences I will not go to see a gynaecologist so I ask you. I'm 23, I was treated for candida infection twice so far and I took Lactogyn as an adjuvant therapy. I was satisfied with them but something is happening again. A few days ago I saw an increased, vaginal discharge white in colour and a burning sensation during a sexual intercourse. My partner also felt a burning sensation. I maintain intimate hygiene with water and chamomile, I have sex with one partner for 5 years already, I avoid sweets and sugar. Please advice what should I do? P.S. Sorry for my language, I am from Macedonia :)
Dear Sir/Madam, for the last two years I have been constantly fighting with inflammations and cheesy discharge, i.e. Candida because I have been constantly struggling with a weak immune system. I wanted to check with you, for how long should I use Lactogyn because I believe that one box will not make me better? Kind regards, Petra

Dear Sir/Madam; my skin is mixed, oily t-zone, and the cheeks, especially in this winter weather, are dry. What would you recommend for face care? Is there a possibility to get the testers of your products? Regards, Vlatka